Argyll Quaker Meeting

Meetings for Worship

Meetings for Worship are held on these Sundays of each month:

3rd Sunday in Lochgilphead at 1.30pm at the Parish Church Hall.
2nd and 4th Sunday inĀ Campbeltown at 2.30pm at the Lorne & Lowland Church Hall, Longrow (except 4th Sunday in December).
Both Lochgilphead and Campbeltown locations have easy access for wheelchair users.

Other Meetings for Worship are held when and where required, including one at the gates of Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base at 11.00am every other month.

Numbers attending can vary from 3 or 4 up to a dozen or more on some occasions. We usually limit our time in gathered silence to about 45 minutes to allow more time for socialising whilst having light refreshments.

Contact details

Any enquiries about Argyll Quakers are welcomed and can be made by telephone to the Correspondent at 01583 421275 or by email to Trevor Oxborrow <trevox [at]>.

Meeting place

Lochgilphead Parish Church Hall Lochgilphead PA31
Lorne & Lowland New Church Hall,