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A socially distanced group of people sit outside a Meeting House. They are crafting embroidered panels. You can see more panels in the window of the Meeting House behind them. They look friendly and approachable.
Loving Earth Project action in Edinburgh

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Programme of Events for Glasgow Meeting House.

These have been gathered into a brochure which is available here.

Timeline of Actions for COP26 - put together by QPSW.

These have been gathered into a webpage which is available here.


Woodbrooke - Meeting for Worship for COP 26, 9 November

The 26th Annual Conference of the Parties (COP26) is the next yearly opportunity for the almost 200 governments who have committed to tackling the climate crisis to come together and make decisions on plans and policies going forward.

We are holding two Meetings for Worship while COP is being held, to uphold all those taking part, and the many millions who will be affected by the decisions made.

All times given are UK time.

Meeting for Worship for COP26 (2) | | Woodbrooke

The Loving Earth Project 

The Loving Earth Project uses creative, craft-based ways to help people to engage with issues around climate change without being overwhelmed. As part of its work in the run-up to the UN climate talks in November, it has been engaging with Quaker meetings in England and Scotland.

For more information, including events happening across Britain, visit - Loving Earth Project – Caring for the World We Love (

Woodbrooke - Reflecting on COP26: reviewing and looking forward, 14 December

An opportunity for everyone who has was involved in actions, campaigning and events around COP26 to reflect on how it went, share learning and consider what they might do going forward. We will share the highs and lows, the smiles and the tears and support each other to carry on the work of bringing about the changes needed to address the climate crisis. It will be interactive and fund! All are welcome.
This session is run in partnership with Quaker Peace & Social Witness.

For more information, go to Reflecting on COP26: reviewing and looking forward | | Woodbrooke