What are Quakers doing?

Quakers in Scotland decided that we would focus on three areas where we felt we could make a unique contribution.

1. Providing Glasgow Meeting House as a resource for Quakers and other groups

We haven’t finalised plans yet, but we recognise that offering a space for silent worship, meditation and reflection would be a particularly Quakerly contribution; however, we would also be open to organising meetings with appropriate speakers and discussions, especially for groups that would otherwise find it difficult to get their voice heard. We are planning to upgrade our audio-visual facilities and broadband connection in the Meeting House, as well as investing in improving the energy performance of the building.

We have also worked with the Scottish Coalition on a submission by to the UK Government to provide a space for quiet reflection and spiritual renewal at the COP (hopefully in the ‘blue zone’ for badged delegates); the COP is a place of intense intellectual and emotional activity and previous COPs have highlighted the real need for such a quiet space.

2. Providing accommodation for visiting Friends and others

Originally, we considered basing this on an extended version of our existing Quaker Bed and Breakfast scheme, but we now understand that the coalition are planning to develop an accommodation website based on the ‘Human Hotel’ model and so we will probably direct Quaker hosts and visitors to this site (see What can I do for COP26).

3. Support for delegates from poorer overseas countries

We decided that we don’t have adequate resources to help with visa applications and travel plans, so we plan to support the coalition who are going to employ a person to work on this. We see our role as identifying suitable young Quaker and other climate activists overseas whose voice needs to be heard and raising money through Quakers to support such people to come to Glasgow. (see What can I do for COP26?)