Bringing COP into your communities

Wednesday, 6 October 2021

COP26 poster.jpg

Poster with some of the text from the information document printed on it.
Example of the poster created by a Friend from Aberdeen Meeting.

COP26 is happening in Glasgow in November. This is a chance to respond to Quaker’s concern on Climate change.

A group of activists in Scotland have put together an information sheet and a list of suggestions to encourage Friends to respond to COP26 in their communities.

They are calling for Friends to:
• Consider what you and your meeting could do to make your communities aware of COP26.

• Make a poster about the Quaker approach to COP26, or your meeting’s response to that work. Share the poster in your community (on a noticeboard, in your own window, or online).

• Check the Quakers in Scotland and Britain Yearly Meeting websites for ways to get further involved with COP 26:

• Work with other committed organisations, such as Christian Aid who are active on COP 26 – see

To help Friends with this work they have created:
• An information sheet about Scottish Friends and COP26 to inform Friends about what is happening. Available here.

• A one page summery for Friends and meetings to help them create their poster. Available here

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