Quaker response to the Smith Commission

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Quakers in Scotland, supported by British Quakers, have responded to the Smith Commission on the future of Scotland's place in the UK. Quakers have a 360 year long history of engagement with national and international affairs, an engagement that is driven by a radical faith in Christianity. The Quaker submission is limited to areas in which Quakers have been and are engaged, and which are immediately relevant to the remit of the Smith Commission.

In summary, Quakers ask that:

  • Each constituent part of the UK should approve military action.
  • Human rights legislation passed in Scotland should apply to all public bodies operating in Scotland, including public bodies operating under the UK government.
  • Powers are to be transferred to Scotland that would allow for improvements in living conditions of asylum seekers. 
  • Equality laws are devolved, which would allow them to be tailored more closely with already devolved areas like housing, health etc.
  • Powers of regulation of fossil fuel industries operating on Scottish soil and in Scottish territorial waters are transferred to the Scottish Parliament.

For more details, see the response and the covering letter.

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